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Q:   How long does delivery take?
A: Please allow 5 - 7 working days for delivery.

Q:  Which courier do you use and will they leave the Haycube for me if I am not in?
A:   FedEx transport Haycubes across the US and will follow specific delivery instructions if you are not going to be in - please use the additional notes section when ordering to inform of any special requirements i.e. leave with neighbour.

Q:  Do I need to purchase anything with my Haycube?
A:  No - the Haycube comes complete with wheels, plug, wall bracket & trickle feeder grill.

Q:   Do I have to use the wall bracket?
A:   It is STRONGLY ADVISED that for safety reasons you do install the wall bracket and mount the Haycube on to it - especially when the horse is left unattended eating from the Haycube.

Q:   Can I use my Haycube out in the field?
A:   Yes - the Haycube is fine to free stand out in the field. It is advisable to leave the plug out so that any rainwater can run freely out rather than sit stagnant in the bottom.

Q:   Do I have to use the Haycube for soaking?
A:   No - the Haycube can also be used for feeding dry hay, haylage or a forage replacement form.

Q. Can I move the Haycube when it is full of water?
A. NO! The Haycube should be filled with water in the position it is going to be left to soak and subsequently drained. Once the water is drained out, the Haycube will be a comfortable weight to easily transport the soaked hay.

Horse with soaked hay from Haycube
Haycube-03 (1).jpg

"I’ve had my Haycube for several months now and love it! I don’t miss fighting with a haynet every day and trying to lift and carry a heavy and dripping wet net after soaking it. I can easily get half a bale of hay in my cube and it’s very easy to rinse the hay or soak it. The hay barn is tidier as I don’t lose hay like I did when filling a net, and there’s no mess in the stable with dropped hay mixing in with my bedding. It's easy to transport – empty or full. The Haycube is now an essential piece of my yard equipment and I would definitely recommend it."

Laura & Billy

"I’ve recently purchased a second Haycube and I have to say I love them! So much tidier in the stables saving wastage on hay and saving me an extra 10 mins mucking out time in the morning, perfect!"
Emily & Rocky

"We love the Haycube so much we’ve just ordered another one!  What a fabulous product – finally an essential chore is simplified!"

Helen & Bobby

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